Call +91 9614751993 or +91 8240442598 for more details.
just upload the details to http://futurebirdmanagement.com/candidates.php and we will be back with the relevant positions.
Candidates that are actively looking for a job change should only apply to any job posting, to avoid wasting the time of consultancy and concerned companies.
No we don't work with those companies that charge from the candidate because they were recruited through consultancy.
Submit the details by filling up the form at http://futurebirdmanagement.com/candidates.php .A recruitment consultant will then be matched to you based on your needs and get in touch to discuss the vacancy further and arrange a meeting.
Recruitment Agencies operate on behalf of their clients the employers. Recruitment Companies are external service providers who source candidates for employers to employ directly. Recruitment Agencies also frequently offer temporary or contract staffing services where they on-hire (or 'on-sell') candidates, whom the recruitment company employs, to their clients.
Recruitment can be challenging and highly competitive. Our most successful recruiters are highly resilient. They also have a drive and motivation to be successful, work collaboratively and want to be able to measure success based on merit, rather than tenure.
We recruit for all types of roles across all industries, from receptionists through to chief executives.